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Please refer to our Shipping Instructions in order to send in your firearm for repair.

Be sure to UNLOAD your firearm before packaging, and follow our shipping instructions.

Please fill out and complete the form and enclose it with your Rossi firearm when sending it in. Be sure to UNLOAD your firearm before packaging, and follow our shipping instructions..

ROSSI USA reserves the right to field strip, inspect and function test all firearms sent to ROSSI USA upon receipt or anytime thereafter. Customers will be provided an estimate for repair if such repair is not covered under the applicable Repair Policy.

Before Packaging and Shipping Please Read:

  • Please ensure the firearm (and magazines) are unloaded.
  • Remove ALL aftermarket accessories from the firearm before shipping.
  • Include ALL magazines used with the firearm.
  • It is important to note that the magazine is part of the firearm. Basic troubleshooting includes recreating the issue described and the magazines are necessary to do this.
  • Please list all types of ammunition used/tested (brand, caliber, load, pressure, etc.).
  • Please check FAQ's or call customer service to assist in determining the need to ship the firearm for repair.
  • Common issues or common "non-invasive" parts replacements may not require the firearm to be shipped for repair.